« The Hobbit .»


 When Thorin Oakenshield and his band of dwarves embark upon a dangerous quest to reclaim the hoard of gold stolen from them by the evil dragon Smaug, Gandalf the wizard suggests an unlikely accomplice: Bilbo Baggins, an unassuming Hobbit dwelling in peaceful Hobbiton.Along the way, the company faces trolls, goblins, giant spiders, and worse. But as they journey from the wonders of Rivendell to the terrors of Mirkwood and beyond, Bilbo will find that there is more to him than anyone—himself included—ever dreamed. Unexpected qualities of courage and cunning, and a love of adventure, propel Bilbo toward his great destiny . . . a destiny that waits in the dark caverns beneath the Misty Mountains, where a twisted creature known as Gollum jealously guards a precious magic ring.
f8c237644cf893cc9a00e3cdcdd9c64b I first watched the movie before decided to read the book. I should not have done that before I realized that nothing was similar between the book and the movie. I was a little bit disappointed but the story still stay the same . I really liked the story of Tolkien , and the idea that he created this story for his children , that’s so cute . I love that kind of behavior. The only negative point is that the scenes of action are less present in the book than the movie , in the book the narrator often speak and honestly I hate that when it speaks too much. It still remain a good book and I recommend it !



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