« Elphame’s choice .»

 To escape the destiny that makes her a divinity, Elphame decided to established her  kingdom in the deep forest.Though most girls believe they are different, Elphame knows she is. Odd. Strange. Unique. No one in Partholon has her abilities—or her connection to their goddess. And she has a destiny she is about to discover.  The ruins she decided to live on , revealed a terrible destiny for her . Her impending death. Lochlan , who is a fallen angel ,must sacrifice a goddess to save his nation..





Magnificient !
4c88225a8c76a0a60de09094c636d46fI am a huge fan of Pc Cast an her daughter of course. I love mythology and every creatures related to it. In this book we met faun , god , centaur and other creatures. I easily identified  myself as Elphames because she wants to be independent , since she is a little girl and even if she is different because she is a faun , she knows that she is born to do something bigger than the others. She is loved and she is surrounded by her relatives , especially her brother Cuchulainn . She is a strong woman and she has the power to convince easily people. Through the books , you discover beautiful landscapes , very well described and met wonderful creatures with original names and I love originality . Lochlan is a beautiful character . He is torn apart between his love and his duty . Which is the right way ? 

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