Les misérables is a french novel written by Victor Hugo in 1862. This novel is considered as one of the greatest novels in the 19th century. This is the story of a France ravaged by a thirst of revolt and social problems between proletarian class and middle class. This book is divided into several parts , each of them tells the story of a character , his story and his course, the characters he met and story are bound. The main character Jean Valjean , is a complicated man , who was send to jail just because he has stolen a piece of bread for his nephew. He tries to create a new life and met Fantine , a young woman who work hard to fed her daughter who is in an hostel far away from the city. Unfortunately , she is fired because she hired the existence of her daughter. She is forced to sell her hair , her teeth and her body to survive. She finally meet Jean Valjean under a new identity and supplies him to take care of her daughter .
Les misérables is simply a major reference in french literature and I was unable not to read it. I watch it first in movie and decided to read it . I’m not a huge fan of french literature but there are some books that are able to catch me and make me understand a lot of things. It was the case for this book. Characters are beautiful in their fragility and teach us a great lesson of life , whatever happens to you , you can overcome it and sometimes life can be better. Victor Hugo’s words are perfect at the right time . He has the precise word to describe each situation.This book is simply a masterpiece.

2 thoughts on “« LES MISERABLES .»

  1. This book is one of my favorites, because as you said is a masterpiece. The characters, the plot, everything is beautiful in this book. I think everybody needs to read it. It is huuuge, but it worths!!


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